The music, dances, participation and fun go together with the magic so that each and every one of Albert's shows can be unique and unforgettable.

At the birthday parties and communions everybody takes part in the magic show but always having as the main star helping Albert with his magic tricks.

At the local events the magic is combined for everyone so the little members of the family can enjoy but also the adults.

This way it will all lead to one goal... The magic fun!

Albert, together with Herbusa and Imam Comunicanión created "The Cleaning Warrior". A superhero that with the help of magic, teaches the school children of Ibiza to respect the enviroment with three "R": Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Magic of Christmas is another show created and presented by Albert who narrates the hours previous to Father Christmas arrival.

The magic with all christmas decorations happens in a fun and happy atmosphere where the children are the stars dressing up as reindeers, christmas trees, snowmans, stars... Helping the Magician to decorate the stage all ready for when Santa Claus appears to say hello and receive all the letters from the children that are there.

Whatever the occasion is, for children or adults, Albert will be a success for sure!

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